Impression Guide

Steps to make impressions the FORTI way in 8 steps:


F. Clean Hands and Teeth

Get ready to take your impressions by first cleaning your hands and brushing your teeth thoroughly!

This is important to prevent anything from getting stuck into the putty you will use, you want your impression to be as accurate and neat as possible.


O. Blend and Shape the Impression Putties

Your impression kit contains a white putty and colored putty, which needs to be mixed together.

Step 1. Fold the top putties within themselves for no less than 30 SECONDS until they become one blue solid color

Step 2. Roll the putty between your palms into a somewhat short thick sausage shape (3 sec MAX)

Step 3. Immediately place the sausage into the tray, the roll should be long enough to reach both ends of the impression tray.


R. Take Impressions

Step 4. Place the tray in your mouth and line teeth up to middle of the putty.

Use your fingers to press the tray into your teeth firmly and slowly, making sure that teeth are completely covered.

Step 5. Leave the tray in mouth for 5 MINUTES.

After that time is up, wiggle tray slide to slide a little as you pull straight down (top impressions) or straight up (bottom impression).

Step 6. Leave the impression in the plastic tray and place in plastic bag. 

Step 7. Fill out the Molding slip with your full name and specifications for your order.

If you order a full set, execute the impressions one at a time.

T. Impression Approval 

Step 8. Once you have completed your impression, take a picture of the impression in the tray(s) and email the pictures to under this template:

Subject: ORDER NUMBER Impression  


Please allow for a response within 24-48 hours of email delivery

I. Ship it out

 Shipping details will be given after approval